121 support

121 support

If you are a young person looking to explore gender and sexual identity, or you identify as LGBTQ+ and need some help, we can provide you with the space and the support that you need to do that. We understand that this won’t be everything that’s going on in your life, so we let you lead the way. This means you tell us what you want support with, where you might want to get that support, and what works best for you. We can help you explore your identity, ask your school or college for help, guide you in building confidence and resilience, understanding healthy relationships, and more.

If you are a young person with a family member has come out, and you want a space to talk about it, we can help you with that, too.

We are flexible and can meet you at school, at home, or in a public place. We can offer support remotely, on the phone, or by video call - whatever best suits your needs.

When you use the interactive form below, you can refer yourself to the right part of the service for you. When Positive Identities receive the form, we may put you on a waiting list. The next step is being paired with a one to one worker, who will contact you and arrange your first session.

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