Training & Consultancy for Secondary Schools

LGBTQ+ Awareness and Inclusion Training
Up to 3 hours of training for a core group of staff (recommended minimum group size 8). The session can be run as one session (on an inset/training day) or as two 90-minute twilights. The training looks at key terminology around LGBTQ+ identities and explores homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying and ways to challenge and prevent this type of bullying within school. The training looks at the legal duties around supporting LGBTQ+ young people in school, unconscious bias around gender stereotypes and ways to make school environments more inclusive for all children and their families. The session is highly interactive and includes a variety of activities and scenarios to get staff involved and engaged.

LGBTQ+ Awareness and Inclusion Briefing
This hour-long briefing for the school’s entire staff team on key messages around LGBTQ+ awareness, HBT bullying and key legislation is designed to give the entire staff body a base level of awareness and understanding around LGBTQ+ identities.

Supporting Pupils Training
Between 90 minutes and 2 hours of training for pastoral staff, or any other members of staff likely to hear disclosures from children and young people relating to gender identity or sexuality. The session looks at barriers young people might face or perceive that they face to disclosing bullying or seeking support, additional vulnerabilities faced by LGBTQ+ young people, reviewing safeguarding thresholds and looking at how the concept of intersectionality can help us to better support all young people.

LGBTQ+ Allies Group Session
We can assist schools with setting up an Allies group for pupils who may be LGBTQ+ themselves or who want to be allies and supporters of LGBTQ+ equality in school. We can run the first session with the group, setting aims and expectations and creating an Allies Action Plan, as well as providing detailed session plans and resources for subsequent meetings of the group.

Assemblies/Workshops for Pupils
We can deliver a wide range of workshops and assemblies for secondary school pupils as part of PSHE/RSE drop down days, on a huge range of topics, from general LGBTQ+ awareness to LGBTQ+ History and HBT bullying/hate crime.

Action Planning Session
This session would include Senior Leadership Teams and would look at building up an Action Plan to support positive change within your school around celebrating difference, curriculum inclusion, providing support, engaging with the whole school community and building mechanisms to capture and act on pupil voice regarding bullying and LGBTQ experiences.

Policy Review
A review of school policies such as Anti-Bullying, Behaviour and Equality policies and the reporting, recording, monitoring and use of HBT bullying data. We will ensure that all policies are robust and specifically mention bullying against LGBTQ+ young people, and we can also help schools to develop new policies, such as a Trans Inclusion Policy.

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