Support for Health and Social Care Organisations

Full Staff training/briefings
We can offer full staff training for a variety of different organisations on LGBTQ+ identities and supporting children, young people and families around sexuality and gender identity. We can offer training to health/social care/multi-disciplinary professionals to help them ensure their services are LGBTQ+ friendly. People from some groups, including LGBTQ+ people, may experience discrimination when accessing services and we want to ensure that all professionals keep their knowledge and skills up to date. These training sessions could be an hour-long briefing or up to a full day of detailed, interactive training. The full day training looks at the legal duties around supporting LGBTQ+ young people, unconscious bias around gender stereotypes and ways to make your organisation more inclusive for all young people and their families.

Policy Reviews
We can review a range of organisational policies such as Anti-Bullying, Behaviour and Equality and Inclusion policies. We will ensure that all policies are robust and inclusive and we can also help organisations to develop new policies, such as a Trans Inclusion Policy.

Group Workshops
We can offer a variety of engaging and interactive workshops for young people, families or community groups educating around LGBTQ+ identities and encouraging participants to challenge discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and make positive changes in their communities and peer groups.

Action Planning
This session would provide support to create an Action Plan to support positive change within your whole organisation around celebrating difference, LGBTQ+ inclusion and providing support to your service users.

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